This Has Been a Long Time Coming, Dear.

27 Mar

So much has happened lately. I started a post a few months ago about being lost and not knowing who I was or where I was headed with my life. It was very dramatic and I felt better after I wrote it, but I never had the time to finish and post it. I’m not going to. I don’t need to. This past month has opened my eyes more than I ever thought possible. I’ve grown more in the past two weeks than I believe in the past year. I’m happy now. Genuinely happy.

I broke up with Trevor a few weeks ago. Why? Because I had feelings for someone else. I have been with him for 3 years, and for the last 2, I’ve been lying to myself and everyone else around me. There was someone that I had talked to when Trevor and I had broken up, and I didn’t sleep with him. Which was a really big deal at the time. Whatever, I slept around. Get over it. So I decided to try to talk to him. His name’s Tyler, by the way. And Tyler is everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy. He’s educated, has a good job, is older than me, taller than me, likes baseball, knows exactly what to say to give me butterflies, and is just an all around great guy. I know, where’s the problem with him? He’s a guy. He’s human. We all suffer from the same ailment known as humanity. I made the mistake of rushing into telling Trevor that I had feelings for someone else, and that in turn put Tyler in a very awkward position. That was not my intent. And Tyler, if you ever read this, please know that I am sorry for that. I’m sorry for the way everything worked out and I wish we could still be friends. I understand why we are where we are, and I’m not trying to change that because you don’t want to. But please also know that you will always have a special place in my heart and if you come back into my life in 2 days or another 2 years, I’ll still welcome you. You’re a poison I’ve grown accustomed to. Bad news of the worst kind.

So I’m single. And I’ve been talking to another guy, not Tyler. And you know what? I like it. I like that I have a friend to vent to and that he’s attracted to me the way I’m attracted to him. We have awesome chemistry and we can be honest with each other. Are we dating? Hell no. I just got out of a relationship. Why would I want to jump into a new one? If this friend ever sees this, thank you. You’ve helped me more than you know through all this and I’m very appreciative of everything you’ve said, not said, and helped me see. Your insight is welcome, and even though you’re kind of a jerk at times, I’m glad we are what we are. You rock.

And now on to Trevor. I broke his heart, and I hate that. I really, honestly do. But I couldn’t keep breaking my own heart just to keep him happy. I wasn’t comfortable being what we were and I don’t want to go back to it. I’m not in love with you, Trevor. I love you to death, but there’s a huge difference in the two feelings. Maybe someday things will be different and we’ll be together again, but right now, in this moment, I want you to be happy and you can’t be that with me. I can’t be that with you. I hope you understand that I didn’t set out to hurt you. I hope you realize that in pushing you away, I’m trying to help you find your own feet. You’re a strong man, but you have so much more growing to do and you won’t be able to do that with me. We became too dependent on one another and forgot how to live. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose you, but please see that right now, I need some space.

I’ve lost some weight this month, too. Which is fantastic because I’ve been trying for months to just lose the fucking weight. And I finally did it. How? I quit eating out, I quit stressing, I quit over thinking it. I just did it. I knew what was unhealthy and I didn’t eat it. I’m going to continue losing weight, too. I’ll stay on this self powered train and get down to the weight I want to be. It won’t happen overnight, and that sucks. But I’m ready now to get in shape and be healthy. I’m going to start working out more and actually keeping up with it. This is good for me because I’m doing it for me. Not anyone else. I’m excited.

On the health note, I switched to the Implanon birth control the other day. It’s inserted into your arm and it protects you for three years. Awesome, right? It is, really. But I have a huge fucking bruise on my arm and it hurts like you wouldn’t believe. I’m glad I only have to go through this once every three years, because I wouldn’t be able to handle it more often. My insurance covered it 100%, which is fantastic because I don’t have $1200 to spend. I know, a kid is way more expensive. But come on. Be realistic here. Moral of this part, Implanon is definitely worth it and if you’re like me and hate having to take a pill every day, look into it.

I don’t really have much else to say tonight. It’s after 2:30 and I’m exhausted. But my brain doesn’t want to shut off and I’m not sure I want it to yet. I’ve got so much to look forward to in the coming months, and I’m anxious to see where I am in that time. I’m working on a blanket currently. A cute ripple pattern one. It’s done in a lot of earth tones, so it’s going to be beautiful. I’m going to finish it. I’m also working on a neon one with the same pattern. So stoked. I’ll post pictures when I have them finished with a link to the original pattern.

That’s all for night. Thanks for reading my rant, and if you think any less of me, I frankly don’t give a shit. This is my life, and for once, I’m not broken.

South Beach & Sewing

9 Mar

A recent visit to my doctor’s office for the dreaded annual lady appointment resulted in a nice talk with the nutritionist about the South Beach Diet and a new birth control method. Exciting stuff, huh? Oh, and I found out I’ve GAINED about 4 pounds since my last trip. Yeah, let me tell you how happy that makes me. Time for change. I’ve tried just regular diets, Weight Watchers, and just plain old not eating unhealthy things. And wouldn’t you know, none of it worked. I hate having to keep track of what I eat. So I’m trying the South Beach approach. 2 weeks with no starches, bad carbs, fruit, milk & a list of other things? Alright. The hardest part is the potatoes. I love potatoes; mashed, baked, fried, whatever. They’ve always been a comfort food. But that comfort has made me pretty UNcomfortable in my skin. My fiance is giving this a go with me. We’re on completely different levels, but it can’t hurt to try. So far we’re doing good, it’s only day 2, though. We have a pretty limited number of options as far as food is concerned. Seeing as we’re now supposed to buy our food, we have to have grocery money again. And let me tell you, it’s not exactly as easy as it used to be. Our hours at work are cut, we’re paying out the nose for gas, I’m attempting to pay off a credit issue, and I’ve started school again. That on top of the car payment and cell phone, and we’re pretty screwed. Tax return? That was gone as soon as it came in. Oh, and mine was $200 less because my mother claims me on her taxes so she can get more money. Fair, right? No.

My mother; I could write a novel on her alone. I love her, but good God she gets under my skin. She hasn’t really spoken to me in about 3 days. Why? Because I left the eggs out. Eggs that cost $0.39, and she didn’t pay for. Eggs. I will never understand how things as petty as that deserve this kind of treatment. And I hope to never do that to my children. Call me crazy or progressive, but I hope to have a pretty open relationship with my kids. I’m kind of ready to move out. I can’t really afford to, but I’m losing my mind here. It’s taking a toll on my relationship, my health, and my general well-being. My credit score keeps me from getting approved anywhere, and I’m not able to save up any money because of the circumstances present.

I’ve been sewing a lot lately. Purses, mostly. But today I altered a shirt for a friend. She had a large t-shirt that she needed turned into a fitted medium. Took about 2 hours, but I got it done. Normally I wouldn’t have even considered doing it in a day, but it’s one of my best friends and I couldn’t say no. I also didn’t think it was going to take that long. The sleeves were most difficult than I anticipated, because I didn’t read the instructions all the way through. Looking at it now, I see I could have done it in way less time. Next time.

I don’t have anything else today. I just needed to vent a little.

Greetings, y’all.

11 Dec

Haven’t posted much lately, mostly because I work so much, but also because I haven’t had much to say. I don’t like my job very much anymore. I like the people alright but some of them can just pucker up & kiss it. Retail is not for me. We’ve moved again. Back in with my mother. It’s a lot cheaper, we’re closer to most family & it’s just a hell of a lot better to live in the country than the city.

What’s on my hook lately? A lot of hats. Primarily sock monkeys. A few headbands, baby booties & diaper covers. I knitted my first hat! It’s a small little one with a big ugly seam. But I knitted it and I like it. I’m having to slow down on everything because it has come to my attention that I have carpal tunnel in both hands. It’s gone from an annoying tingle to a numb on the outside, burning on the inside pain that occurs about 70% of the day. I wake up because of it, almost in tears. So I’m taking myself to the doctor and seeing if some good ol’ endoscopic surgery will take care of it. If you craft & you’ve had the tingly sensation at times, please invest in a brace. Doesn’t have to be expensive. I got mine at Joann for about $8. Usually $16, but there’s always a coupon.

We took a trip to Austin this weekend. A last minute decision that turned out really nicely. We got to see his mom’s new house, which is absolutely beautiful, and spend time with some of their friends. It was a much needed mini vacation, and I sincerely enjoyed every minute. It’s wonderful to be able to spend time with my future in-laws and not be miserable. I also got to detour a little further south and visit my best friend & his boyfriend. That went well, too. Had a nice dinner, a loud football game & some Spongebob. I’d have to call this weekend a success.

We’re heading home now, and this little screen is giving me an awful headache. So, until next time, happy holidays & whatever 🙂

Boot Cuff Pattern :D

1 Nov

Alright, I finally am getting around to what I said I would do a long time ago. Feel free to critique and question if you don’t understand something 🙂 I’ll try to post some videos of certain parts that may be troublesome. No promises on that one, though. Note, I pretty much only use worsted for everything except infinity scarves. Red Heart, Caron, Vanna’s Choice, whatever you prefer.



Worsted weight yarn (Don’t know how much, because I don’t have time to measure)

US H8 5.0 mm hook


Gauge: (forgive me if this isn’t perfect, I’ve never given the gauge any attention)

1×1 section of sc: 4 across, 3 rows


These were for 13″-15″ size. Adjust yours accordingly, in multiples of 3.


Ch 51

1. Sc around, slst to join (51)

2. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

3. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

4. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

5. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

6. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

7. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

8. Ch 1, sc around, slst to join (51)

9. Ch 2 *puff st (yo, through st, yo, through st, yo, through all on hook) ch 2, skip 2 sc, repeat from * around, slst to join (17 puffs)

10. Slst in each st of ch 2, slst in top of puff, *ch 2, puff st, repeat from * around, slst to join (17 puffs)

11. Slst in each st of ch 2, slst in top of puff, *ch 2, puff st, repeat from * around, slst to join (17 puffs)

12. Slst in each st of ch 2, slst in top of puff, *ch 2, puff st, repeat from * around, slst to join (17 puffs)

13. Sc around in back loop only, slst to join (51 sc) Do not work in the round the next 3 rows!

14. Ch 2, FPDC around, slst to join, ch 2, TURN.

15. BPDC around, slst to join, ch 2, TURN.

16. FPDC around, slst to join, ch 1.

17. Slst in each st around. Fasten off. Weave in ends.



Hopefully this isn’t a terrible experience for you. Share pictures of your finished product, please! Oh! Please feel free to sell your items, and share my pattern, but don’t claim it as your own!

Even the best fall down sometimes..

24 Oct

I’m having a lot of personal battles lately. I’ve fallen into a depression, and nothing is lifting me out of it. I crochet because I have things to get done. I’ve learned how to knit & purl. I even made an infinity scarf. But I’m just stuck. We’ve had money problems all month and I’m stressed over that. My mom’s car is broken down and the awesome warranty the dealership insisted was worth every penny covers everything except the part that’s broken. Taxes from 6 years ago are needing to be paid. I’m tired, life. Can I get a break? :/

Where’s that pattern you promised??!

9 Oct

It’s sitting in a notebook on my coffee table. I will post it, though. I just haven’t had time to lately. I was under the weather this weekend and didn’t do much of anything. I even had to miss two days of work. But, I’m medicated and hydrated, and back to work as of yesterday 🙂


What am I working on lately? Headbands with flowers, an elephant hat, some Iron Man fingerless gloves, another headband, Hello Kitty hats, sock monkey hats, and thinking about what to make for the holidays. So busy. So much yarn. So little time. I wish I had another set of hands, honestly. But alas, I’m a two handed lady and can only crochet so fast. I’m participating in an auction currently, too. So when that closes I’ll have my hands full of custom orders to complete and ship out. And, I just got an order for a Mickey Mouse diaper cover & hat set. So, I’m going to to get to that. Maybe I’ll post another update later with the pattern 🙂

Fall weather, fall projects, fall is my favorite.

2 Oct

Finally, the weather is not in the upper 90s. There is a bit of color in the leaves. Even some leaves on the ground. Summer in Texas is finally coming to a close, and fall is opening up. I love fall. It brings in a good feeling and turns those summer nights into memories I can revisit in the winter. Mostly I’m excited because October means pumpkin spice everything, and pumpkin is my favorite flavor. I pretty much love pumpkins all year, but they only make sense in the fall.


I’ve been sick for the past week almost. I don’t enjoy being sick. And I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind enjoys being sick. The coughing is awful, never being comfortable with the temperature sucks, and the congestion makes me want to just stay in bed all day. But, alas, I cannot stay in my bed all day long. School and work. And I don’t crochet in bed because it’s not comfortable. I’m making some boot cuffs currently. I even wrote a pattern for it. My very first pattern. I’m quite proud of it, and I’ll post it when I finish this. I think I’m going to figure out how to make some Pokemon stuff, too. I have a lot of projects on my plate lately.


On another life note, I’m having some conflicting feelings about the roommate’s girlfriend. She’s a nice girl and all, but when she’s around, the whole apartment is awkward. His attention is 100% on her. Which is cute and all, and I get that they don’t get to see each other every day, but she’s been here every weekend I think. I guess I just don’t believe in changing that much just because your significant other is around. Trevor and I weren’t like that, and we would go 2+ weeks without seeing each other, and then only see each other for a few hours. Whatever. Maybe I’m just over thinking things. Everyone has different ways of showing affection and whatnot. Another couple I know is having some issues, too. But they have a baby so the complication levels are way higher. I don’t understand why people are so anxious to get married and reproduce. I’m not done being young, I don’t want to have to take care of something younger than me, and I don’t want to have a ring around my finger and a legal document to make everything in my life different. Yeah, I’d like to get married someday, but that day isn’t soon and I’m okay with that. I used to think there was something wrong with me for not wanting a hubby and a baby, but the more I think about it, the more I realize there’s nothing wrong with me wanting to live my life a little more before I start one with a man and bring one in to this world.


That’s all that’s on my mind currently. Pattern soon. Maybe I’ll go get something pumpkiny later 🙂

But really, it’s nice to meet you.

28 Sep

Let’s get one thing straight, okay? I’m not going to censor things here. And you shouldn’t either. I don’t mean you should be an asshole just because you can. But if you’ve got an opinion that differs with mine or someone else, go ahead and speak up. Let’s be honest, we all think things that we would be terrified to say in front of our grandparents. That’s the beauty of the internet, though. You don’t have to reveal your real identity. We can all be superheroes online. Whatever.

I’m Eryn (real name), 20 years old (real age). I live in Texas with my boyfriend, Trevor, our cat, Samson, and a dear friend of ours, Victor. We’re all in college, working, and just trying to make our way in this crazy world. Well, not Samson. He mostly just sleeps and poops and attacks legs if they come within… 5 yards of him. Trevor and Victor are in a band together, they’re really pretty good, let me know if you’d like to know about them. Or if you want to hire them. That would be cool, too. I crochet. A lot. Hence the “hooker” part of this blog. If you were expecting a woman that sells her body, feel free to leave and sorry for the confusion, keep it safe.

Anyway, crochet. I love working on new projects, or reworking old ones. I’m always looking for something interesting or useful to make. And I don’t only crochet! I can sew some. Knit very little. (I actually can’t knit at all. I can Knook, though. Knitting with a crochet hook. Same effect.) My drawing abilities stop at stick figures, and I can’t paint a picture to save my life. I can cook, but I don’t like to that much. Baking is fun. Pinterest is a weakness, of course. Ravelry is also a fun pastime. I love to read, but I don’t have time to do it much anymore. Too busy crocheting and whatnot. And working. I work at a craft store, which should be fabulous, but really isn’t because I work for a bunch of blow hards that only care about money and sales. You’ll see more on that later, I’m sure.

Today was pretty productive. I talked to a lady about a focus group, which would be really neat considering I’m in need of some extra cash. I made some coffee I saw on Pinterest. It’s supposed to taste like the bottles of Frappucino you can buy at WalMart, but mine is hazelnut flavored. Pretty tasty. 5 cups coffee, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup white sugar, however much creamer you want. I put some ice in it. I also started working on some baby cowboy boots. They’re really cute. I’ll post a picture later, though. Along with a link the pattern I’m using. For now though, I’m going to watch Glee because I somehow managed to score a Thursday off.


Welcome to my blog! Hope you stay for a while 🙂