Fall weather, fall projects, fall is my favorite.

2 Oct

Finally, the weather is not in the upper 90s. There is a bit of color in the leaves. Even some leaves on the ground. Summer in Texas is finally coming to a close, and fall is opening up. I love fall. It brings in a good feeling and turns those summer nights into memories I can revisit in the winter. Mostly I’m excited because October means pumpkin spice everything, and pumpkin is my favorite flavor. I pretty much love pumpkins all year, but they only make sense in the fall.


I’ve been sick for the past week almost. I don’t enjoy being sick. And I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind enjoys being sick. The coughing is awful, never being comfortable with the temperature sucks, and the congestion makes me want to just stay in bed all day. But, alas, I cannot stay in my bed all day long. School and work. And I don’t crochet in bed because it’s not comfortable. I’m making some boot cuffs currently. I even wrote a pattern for it. My very first pattern. I’m quite proud of it, and I’ll post it when I finish this. I think I’m going to figure out how to make some Pokemon stuff, too. I have a lot of projects on my plate lately.


On another life note, I’m having some conflicting feelings about the roommate’s girlfriend. She’s a nice girl and all, but when she’s around, the whole apartment is awkward. His attention is 100% on her. Which is cute and all, and I get that they don’t get to see each other every day, but she’s been here every weekend I think. I guess I just don’t believe in changing that much just because your significant other is around. Trevor and I weren’t like that, and we would go 2+ weeks without seeing each other, and then only see each other for a few hours. Whatever. Maybe I’m just over thinking things. Everyone has different ways of showing affection and whatnot. Another couple I know is having some issues, too. But they have a baby so the complication levels are way higher. I don’t understand why people are so anxious to get married and reproduce. I’m not done being young, I don’t want to have to take care of something younger than me, and I don’t want to have a ring around my finger and a legal document to make everything in my life different. Yeah, I’d like to get married someday, but that day isn’t soon and I’m okay with that. I used to think there was something wrong with me for not wanting a hubby and a baby, but the more I think about it, the more I realize there’s nothing wrong with me wanting to live my life a little more before I start one with a man and bring one in to this world.


That’s all that’s on my mind currently. Pattern soon. Maybe I’ll go get something pumpkiny later 🙂


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