Greetings, y’all.

11 Dec

Haven’t posted much lately, mostly because I work so much, but also because I haven’t had much to say. I don’t like my job very much anymore. I like the people alright but some of them can just pucker up & kiss it. Retail is not for me. We’ve moved again. Back in with my mother. It’s a lot cheaper, we’re closer to most family & it’s just a hell of a lot better to live in the country than the city.

What’s on my hook lately? A lot of hats. Primarily sock monkeys. A few headbands, baby booties & diaper covers. I knitted my first hat! It’s a small little one with a big ugly seam. But I knitted it and I like it. I’m having to slow down on everything because it has come to my attention that I have carpal tunnel in both hands. It’s gone from an annoying tingle to a numb on the outside, burning on the inside pain that occurs about 70% of the day. I wake up because of it, almost in tears. So I’m taking myself to the doctor and seeing if some good ol’ endoscopic surgery will take care of it. If you craft & you’ve had the tingly sensation at times, please invest in a brace. Doesn’t have to be expensive. I got mine at Joann for about $8. Usually $16, but there’s always a coupon.

We took a trip to Austin this weekend. A last minute decision that turned out really nicely. We got to see his mom’s new house, which is absolutely beautiful, and spend time with some of their friends. It was a much needed mini vacation, and I sincerely enjoyed every minute. It’s wonderful to be able to spend time with my future in-laws and not be miserable. I also got to detour a little further south and visit my best friend & his boyfriend. That went well, too. Had a nice dinner, a loud football game & some Spongebob. I’d have to call this weekend a success.

We’re heading home now, and this little screen is giving me an awful headache. So, until next time, happy holidays & whatever 🙂


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